Starburst Snackbox


Get ready for the ultimate snacking adventure with the Starburst Snackbox – celebrating 100 years of deliciousness! Packed with licensed goodies like chewy candies, creamy yogurts, jiggly jello, refreshing liquids, and zesty drink powders, it’s a flavor explosion for every Starburst lover!

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Imagine opening up a treasure chest filled with all your favorite treats, each one bursting with fruity goodness and loads of fun! From our famous chewy candies that make your taste buds dance to creamy yogurts that are like a party in every spoonful, wiggly jello that giggles as you eat it, thirst-quenching liquids that give you a big fruity hug, to magic drink powders that let you create your very own flavor adventures – there’s something for everyone in this super cool snackbox! So grab your friends, put on your snackin’ hats, and get ready to taste the rainbow with the Starburst Snackbox

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Weight 45.3 oz
Dimensions 11.125 × 8.75 × 3 in


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